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Topic: building a PC, a how-to (not) guide

Why: It’s a bad idea to explain why you should build your own PC in a short presentation

How: Computers are complicated, you don’t need to know them to use them

What: Computer parts

Why would you want to build your own computer anyway? For money? What even is money? Look at these graphs! It’s all made up!

Some people say that building a computer is fun but that’s ridiculous. Sports are fun. Movies are fun. Making fun of people that build computers is fun. Computers are not fun

Other people say building your own computer makes your videogames run harder. But as we all know gamers are bad. Videogames aren’t supposed to go hard. It’s in the name VIDEO game, the game should just play itself while you stare at your phone and briefly glance up. 

Pfft Building a computer is supposed to make you smarter at technology? C’mon, it’s all a lie. Computers don’t make sense. The people who say they understand computers are just lying because they want other nerds to think they’re smart.

What even is a computer? It’s a rock that thinks. All the other parts are just there so that companies can sell you more things!

Like they call this dumb sheet with lines on it a motherboard. Come on, they’re not even trying to make it sound believable. What do computers have to do with mothers?

Ram? That’s just a metal rectangle! They call it that because you probably have to ram it in there in any spot you can find! It doesn’t do anything! You can just download it!

Don’t even get me started on fans! They’re literally just there to make noise so it sounds like it’s doing something! It just moves air around and it’s completely useless.

And then there’s this thing called a ‘psu’ and it’s literally a metal box! Just use a cord, sheeple!

Graphics card? More like credit card! You can’t even buy these things! And what are supposed to do with them? Make graphs? If you need a graph just draw one!

SSD? HDD? Storage? Listen man I’m not running an acronym locker here, just give me the one that holds the most room for pictures that I’m going to look at once and then ignore and never delete. 

RGB lighting? Just open a window. Why are you people still buying this stuff! Where’s the CMYK option?

Some nerds like to talk about keyboards. Mechanical vs membrane! I don’t see what this has to do with biology but computers are digital! 

Monitors? 1080p? 4k? Why would I pay 4 thousand for a screen? What about refresh rate? What does that mean? 128 hurts? Are we playing pokemon, why does our screen cause damage? Is that a lot? Is that a little? Nobody knows!

CPU? What does this have to do with star wars? I’m building a computer not a robot that beeps! Oh wait I think that one that might be the rock that thinks. Okay so that part you need, but you don’t need all this other junk just plug your HDMI cable into the thinky rock and you’re good to go!

I almost forgot about network cards! You see what I mean about them not even trying to pretend that this stuff does anything? Everyone knows that the rock that thinks connects automatically to wifi. Stop with all this upcharge.

At this point they’re just getting sloppy with their naming conventions. Computer mouse? They literally just have someone sitting in a basement somewhere coming up with computer parts and naming them based on things they see and adding ‘computer’ to the name!

With all that in mind, you are now completely prepared to not build your own computer. That stuff’s for nerds anyway. Go do something productive with your time instead, like bullying geeks or learning guitar! That way Breck will think you’re COOL and not a NERD! (And he will be obligated to give you a high grade, it’s the law)

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