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Vimeo Link ‘Escaping Syria’

Documentary Assignment

The video that made me recontextualize the phrase ‘allahu akbar’  This video is incredibly powerful and I suggest you watch it.

Rafat’s experience as a syrian refugee

Talking points to lead to deeper insights

  • Rafat lived in a syrian refugee camp for years
  • Rafat’s family still lives in a refugee camp
  • Rafat sends money to his family
  • Rafat has seen war
  • Rafat is in BFTV
  • Rafat works as a video editor
  • Rafat is overworked
  • Rafat receives or received money as a sponsored refugee

Omar’s story

  • Omar has photos of his house after shelling, which are visually compelling and elicits an emotional response. 


These are the sources which I used in the final product

Intrigue / hook:

What it was like having to run and with only the clothes on your back

Raising the stakes:

The things you need to do to survive

Target audience:

People like myself that have a fragmented knowledge of muslim countries, or have not experienced war and may not grasp the severity of the experiences


The ‘setting’ is syria, although the interview will take place in my apartment


  • Canon camera
  • Lighting Kit
  • Microphone


  • Lifestyle, where he lived, education, social life, family life
  • Beginning(?) of military conflict in Syria (march 15th, 2011)
  • How conflict changed the way he lived his life
  • The horrors of war
  • Evacuating from city
  • Moving into refugee camp
  • Living conditions in refugee camp
  • Where his family is now, what they’re going through

Recording Setup

Colour Correction

Order of events

  1. Introduction
  2. Helicopter fireworks
  3. Arrests
  4. Fleeing to border, turned away
  5. Smugglers to second gate
  6. Bombing
  7. Mother leaves, sneaking past checkpoints
  8. Mountain trek
  9. Arrival at border, safe feeling
  10. Looking back

Getting audio consistent!

  • Create new audition files from recording1 recording2, recording3
  • Try with just hiss reduction, try with just noise reduction from print, decide which goes first and if both are beneficial
  • Hiss reduction (8, 24)
  • Noise reduction from print (20, 15)
  • Denoise (40) (this may be degrading the audio)
  • Rename new audition extractions so they’re identifiable
  • Replace current audition extractions with new audition extractions
  • Remove previous audition extractions
An incredibly powerful video

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