Who is Rowan?

I is Rowan. Wait, I mean I am Rowan.
I'm a product designer with a background in art and computer science!

I enjoy taking projects all the way from concept to final product across disciplines.

Science, art, & technology make me tick. Especially in combination or unexpected mediums.
What do I
believe in?

Everything relates to everything else, there is always a greater context; The human experience is complicated.

Our needs cannot be solved with one discipline, but many disciplines combined.
Why should you work with me?
You've made it this far, which tells me that you're looking for someone technical and creative!

There's something you want to do, and you need someone to help you get there.
Why do I want to work with you?
You have exciting projects for me to work on.

You have something nerdy or outside-the-box that I can be proud to be a part of.

You value knowledge and trying new things.

You care about your users and want the best for them.
What's up with the jellyfish?
Jellyfish are awesome.
They don't have brains or hearts.. and they don't need them!

Their tentacles are covered by tiny coiled barbs. When touched, the barb uncoils to inject venom. At that point the creature is paralyzed and held in place by the barbs(which is why removing a jellyfish from your skin can cause deep cuts). The tentacle 'flexes' on contact, throwing small paralyzed creatures to the 'oral arms'(the fluffy looking bits) which carry the food to their mouths(which is also their butts).
Where do we go from here?
How about you
send me an email,
and we'll take this to the next level?

While you're at it you could see what I'm up to on Instagram.